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Living Support Team

Living Support Officer
01326 255341

The information on this page was last updated on 3 September 2018.

The details of support available can change, so before you apply it's best to speak to the named contact to check exactly what they offer.

Support we offer

  • A named contact
  • Outreach sessions or activities
  • Pre-application help
  • Guidance for offer holders
  • A web page for care leavers
  • Careers advice and support after graduation

Accommodation we offer

  • A place to live all year round
  • If not, help finding somewhere to live for the whole year

Funding support we offer

  • Specific funding that's just for care leavers
  • Additional funding available (such as bursaries and grants)
  • Support for students seeking asylum
  • Support for those with discretionary leave to remain
  • Financial advice

Qualifying students will receive the standard income-assessed bursary, plus a £1,000 per year care leavers' bursary, which is focused on helping students fund a) their accommodation deposit for the following year, and b) their summer rent.

Care leavers are also a priority group for our travel and placement awards.