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Dan Keenan

Care Leaver Support Coordinator
0141 330 4022

The information on this page was last updated on 28 August 2019.

The details of support available can change, so before you apply it's best to speak to the named contact to check exactly what they offer.

The University of Glasgow has a long-standing commitment to helping those with experience of care to participate in, and benefit from, higher education. We held the Buttle Quality Mark at exemplary level for over eight years, until the scheme ended, and are now proud to continue to offer the same high level of support in line with our duties as a Corporate Parent.

We are not tied to a strict definition of 'care-experienced' and we are happy to consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis. We recognise that those with experience of care may return to education later in life, for example, and we are always keen to extend our support to those who will benefit most.

Care-experienced applicants receive adjusted offers of entry to the University, and are entitled to participate in our successful and effective pre-entry programmes. Our Summer School, for example, provides excellent preparation for studying at the University, and any care-experienced applicant is entitled to take part, free of charge.

We strongly encourage those applicants with experience of care to tick the UCAS checkbox. This allows Dan, our Care-experienced Student Support Coordinator, to get in touch regarding the support we can provide (inc., adjusted offer of entry, 365 accommodation, and Bursaries) at the earliest stage.

If you have any questions, or require further information about any of the above, please get in touch with Dan at any point. He will be very happy to help and advise.

Support we offer

  • A named contact
  • Outreach sessions or activities
  • Pre-application help
  • Guidance for offer holders
  • A web page for care leavers
  • Careers advice and support after graduation

Accommodation we offer

  • A place to live all year round
  • If not, help finding somewhere to live for the whole year

Funding support we offer

  • Specific funding that's just for care leavers
  • Additional funding available (such as bursaries and grants)
  • Support for students seeking asylum
  • Support for those with discretionary leave to remain
  • Financial advice

We allocate 50 Talent Scholarships to new students each year, worth c.£1,500 - £4,000, for each year of study. These are for Scottish students who may struggle financially. The application deadline is usually in May, and we would encourage all care-experienced applicants to apply. For further details, contact Dan (using the details on this page).

We also provide a number of specific Care-experienced Student Bursaries each year, worth £1,500 for each year of study. All care-experienced students will be contacted at the start of term with info and guidance on applying.

We can support care-experienced students progressing on to PG study with our PG Talent Scholarships, worth £2,000 (for 1-year Taught Masters). Again, contact Dan with any queries about this.

We can provide further support for students in financial need, through our Discretionary and Childcare Funds, Hardship Fund and Crisis Loans. Dan can provide advice and guidance in applying for any of these funds.

We will also consider the financial cases of any applicants who are asylum seekers, refugees, or classed as unaccompanied minors, on a case by case basis. Please contact Dan with any inquiries about this.

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