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Dan Keenan

Care Leaver Support Coordinator
0141 330 4022

The information on this page was last updated on 3 September 2018.

The details of support available can change, so before you apply it's best to speak to the named contact to check exactly what they offer.

Hello, and welcome to the University of Glasgow Propel page. We are delighted you are considering studying with us.

The University of Glasgow has a long-standing commitment to helping those with experience of care to participate in, and benefit from, higher education. Based on this commitment, the university held the Buttle Quality Mark at exemplary level for over eight years, until the scheme ended. We are now proud to continue to offer the same high level of support and provision for care-experienced learners, in line with our duties as a Corporate Parent.

As an institution we are not tied to a strict definition of 'care-experienced', in terms of age or duration in care, and we are happy to consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis. We recognise, for example, that those with experience of care may return to education later in life as a mature student, and we are always keen to extend our support to those who will benefit most.

Care-experienced applicants can receive adjusted offers of entry to the University of Glasgow, and will be entitled to participate, wherever possible, in our successful and effective pre-entry programmes. Our four-week Summer School, for example, provides excellent preparation for studying at the university. If you have experience of care and are applying to the university, you will be entitled to take part, free of charge.

We strongly encourage those applicants with experience of care to tick the UCAS checkbox. This allows Dan Keenan, our care-experienced student support coordinator, to get in touch regarding the specific support we can provide. This support could include, for example, an adjusted offer of entry, a guarantee of accommodation 365 days of the year, and specific care-experienced student bursaries.

If you do not, for whatever reason, want to tick the UCAS checkbox, please do contact Dan directly, using the contact details on this page, to find out more.

Indeed, if you have any questions, or require further information about any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dan at any point. He will be very happy to help and advise.

Support we offer

  • A named contact
  • Outreach sessions or activities
  • Pre-application help
  • Guidance for offer holders
  • A web page for care leavers
  • Careers advice and support after graduation

Accommodation we offer

  • A place to live all year round
  • If not, help finding somewhere to live for the whole year

Funding support we offer

  • Specific funding that's just for care leavers
  • Additional funding available (such as bursaries and grants)
  • Support for students seeking asylum
  • Support for those with discretionary leave to remain
  • Financial advice

Every year the University of Glasgow provides around 50 undergraduate talent scholarships to new students beginning their first year. These scholarships (ranging from £1,000 - £4,000 per year for each year of study) are for Scottish students who can demonstrate academic excellence, but who may struggle financially.

The deadline for talent scholarship applications is quite early in the cycle, usually in the month of May, and we recognise that for many applicants this will be prior to confirmation of their final exam and/or course results. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage all Scottish offer holders (conditional or unconditional) with experience of care to submit an application before the deadline.

You will find more information on the talent scholarships here: And if you have any further questions, you can get in touch with our named contact, Dan, directly.

The University of Glasgow also allocates a number of specific care-experienced student bursaries each year, providing £1,000 for each year of study with us.

At the start of the first term, our care-experienced student support coordinator contacts all students who have identified as care-experienced (either through UCAS, or through the university's own registration process) with information on the bursaries and guidance on how to apply.

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to tick the UCAS checkbox, or self-identify at registration, please do contact Dan directly (using the contact details on this page). Dan will be happy to advise.

We will also look to support care-experienced students progressing on to postgraduate-level study. We can offer postgraduate talent scholarships to those on one-year taught masters programmes, for example, providing £2,000 for the year of study. Again, please contact Dan with any enquiries in this regard.

The University of Glasgow can also provide further support for any student in financial need during term time, through our discretionary and childcare funds, hardship fund and crisis loans:

Dan will be happy to provide advice and guidance in applying for any of these funds.

The University of Glasgow is committed to widening access to higher education, and will consider the financial cases of applicants who are asylum seekers, refugees, or classed as unaccompanied minors, on a case-by-case basis. As above, any enquiries in this regard can be directed to Dan Keenan using the contact details provided on this page.

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Accountancy Glasgow
BAcc Unistats
Anatomy Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Archaeology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Archaeology Glasgow
Archaeology Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Celtic Studies Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Classics Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/English Language Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Gaelic Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Geography Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/History Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/History Of Art Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Latin Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Music Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Politics Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Archaeology/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
BioChemistry Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Business & Management/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Celtic Civilisation/Classics Glasgow Part time
Celtic Civilisation/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Celtic Studies Glasgow Part time
Celtic Studies/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Celtic Studies/History Glasgow Part time
Celtic Studies/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Celtic Studies/Music Glasgow Part time
Celtic Studies/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
MSci Unistats
Chemical Physics with work placement Glasgow Sandwich year
MSci Unistats
Chemistry Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Chemistry with European Placement Glasgow Sandwich year
MSci Unistats
Chemistry with Work Placement Glasgow Sandwich year
MSci Unistats
Classics Glasgow
Classics Glasgow Part time
Classics/Computing Science Glasgow Part time
Classics/English Literature Glasgow Part time
Classics/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Classics/Geography Glasgow Part time
Classics/History Glasgow Part time
Classics/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Classics/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Classics/Music Glasgow Part time
Classics/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Classics/Politics Glasgow Part time
Classics/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
Classics/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Classics/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Comparative Literature/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Comparative Literature/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Comparative Literature/Music Glasgow Part time
Computing Science/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Computing Science/Greek Glasgow Part time
Computing Science/Latin Glasgow Part time
Computing Science/Music Glasgow Part time
Computing Science/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Dentistry Glasgow
BDS Unistats
Earth Science Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Economic & Social History/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Economic & Social History/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Economics/English Language Glasgow Part time
Economics/English Literature Glasgow Part time
Economics/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Economics/Greek Glasgow Part time
Economics/History Glasgow Part time
Economics/Latin Glasgow Part time
Economics/Music Glasgow Part time
Economics/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Economics/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Economics/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Economics/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
English Language Glasgow Part time
English Language/French Glasgow Sandwich year
English Language/German Glasgow Sandwich year
English Language/Greek Glasgow Part time
English Language/History Glasgow Part time
English Language/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
English Language/Latin Glasgow Part time
English Language/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
English Language/Music Glasgow Part time
English Language/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
English Language/Politics Glasgow Part time
English Language/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
English Literature Glasgow Part time
English Literature/French Glasgow Sandwich year
English Literature/Gaelic Glasgow Part time
English Literature/German Glasgow Sandwich year
English Literature/History Glasgow Part time
English Literature/Latin Glasgow Part time
English Literature/Music Glasgow Part time
English Literature/Politics Glasgow Part time
English Literature/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
English Literature/Sociology Glasgow Part time
Film & Television Studies/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Film & Television Studies/German Glasgow Sandwich year
French Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Geography Glasgow Sandwich year
French/German Glasgow Sandwich year
French/History Glasgow Sandwich year
French/History of Art Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Latin Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Mathematics Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Music Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Politics Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Psychology Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
French/Theatre Studies Glasgow Sandwich year
FTV/Latin Glasgow
FTV/Latin Glasgow Part time
Gaelic Glasgow
Gaelic Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/Celtic Civilisation Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/English Language Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Gaelic/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Gaelic/History Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
Gaelic/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Genetics Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Geography Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Geography Glasgow
Geography Glasgow Part time
Geography/Celtic Studies Glasgow Part time
Geography/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Geography/History Glasgow Part time
Geography/History of Art Glasgow Part time
Geography/Music Glasgow Part time
Geography/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Geography/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Geography/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
German Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Economics Glasgow Sandwich year
German/History of Art Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Mathematics Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Music Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Philosophy Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Politics Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Psychology Glasgow Sandwich year
German/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Greek Glasgow
Greek Glasgow Part time
Greek/History Glasgow
Greek/History Glasgow Part time
Greek/History of Art Glasgow Part time
Greek/Latin Glasgow
Greek/Latin Glasgow Part time
Greek/Politics Glasgow Part time
Greek/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
Greek/Spanish Glasgow
Greek/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Health & Social Policy Dumfries campus
History Glasgow
History Glasgow Part time
History of Art Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
History of Art/Latin Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Music Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Politics Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
History of Art/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
History/History of Art Glasgow Part time
History/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
History/Latin Glasgow
History/Latin Glasgow Part time
History/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
History/Music Glasgow
History/Music Glasgow Part time
History/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
History/Politics Glasgow Part time
History/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
History/Scottish Literature Glasgow Part time
History/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Human Biology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Immunology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Italian/Latin Glasgow Sandwich year
Italian/Mathematics Glasgow Sandwich year
Italian/Music Glasgow Sandwich year
Italian/Philosophy Glasgow Sandwich year
Latin Glasgow
Latin Glasgow Part time
Latin/Geography Glasgow Part time
Latin/Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Latin/Music Glasgow
Latin/Music Glasgow Part time
Latin/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
Latin/Scottish Literature Glasgow Part time
Latin/Spanish Glasgow
Law Glasgow
LLB Unistats
Law/Economics Glasgow
LLB Unistats
Law/History Glasgow
LLB Unistats
Law/Philosophy Glasgow
LLB Unistats
Law/Politics Glasgow
LLB Unistats
Mathematics Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Mathematics Glasgow
MSci Unistats
Mathematics Glasgow
Mathematics Glasgow Part time
Mathematics/Music Glasgow Part time
Mathematics/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Mathematics/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Mathematics/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Mathematics/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Mechatronics Glasgow
MEng Unistats
Mechatronics Glasgow
BEng Unistats
Medicine Glasgow
MBChB Unistats
Microbiology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Ministry Glasgow
Music Glasgow
BMus Unistats
Music Glasgow Part time
BMus Unistats
Music Glasgow Part time
Music Glasgow
Music/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Music/Politics Glasgow Part time
Music/Public Policy Glasgow Part time
Music/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Music/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Music/Scottish Literature Glasgow Part time
Music/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Neuroscience Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Nursing Glasgow
Pharmacology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Philosophy Glasgow
Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Philosophy/Politics Glasgow Part time
Philosophy/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Philosophy/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Philosophy/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Physics Glasgow
MSci Unistats
Physics Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Physiology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Politics/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Politics/Scottish Literature Glasgow Part time
Politics/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Portugese/Spanish Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/ Social & Public Policy Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Archaeology Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Business and Management Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Classics Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/English Language Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/English Literature Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Gaelic Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Geography Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Greek Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/History Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/History of Art Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Latin Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Mathematics Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Philosophy Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Politics Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Psychology Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Russian Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Scottish History Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Scottish Literature Glasgow Sandwich year
Portuguese/Theatre Studies Glasgow Sandwich year
Primary Education Dumfries campus
Psychology Glasgow
Psychology Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Psychology/Spanish Glasgow Sandwich year
Russian/Scottish Literature Glasgow Sandwich year
Russian/Sociology Glasgow Sandwich year
Scottish Literature Glasgow Part time
Sociology/Classics Glasgow Part time
Sociology/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Sociology/History Glasgow Part time
Sociology/Philosophy Glasgow Part time
Sociology/Scottish History Glasgow Part time
Sociology/Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Spanish Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Comparative Literature Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Economics Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/English Literature Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/French Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Geography Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/German Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/History Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Italian Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Mathematics Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Music Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Public Policy Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Sociology Glasgow Sandwich year
Spanish/Theatre Studies Glasgow Sandwich year
Statistics Glasgow
BSc Unistats
Statistics Glasgow
MSci Unistats
Statistics with Work Placement Glasgow Sandwich year
Theatre Studies Glasgow Part time
Theatre Studies/Classics Glasgow Part time
Theology Glasgow
Theology & Religious Studies Glasgow Part time
Zoology Glasgow
BSc Unistats