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Jane O'Rorke

Jane O'Rorke

Senior WP Development Officer
0141 849 4126

The information on this page was last updated on 3 September 2018.

The details of support available can change, so before you apply it's best to speak to the named contact to check exactly what they offer.

Coming to university is exciting and challenging, and as a care-experienced young person we can offer you a wide range of support to help you succeed in your studies at the University of the West of Scotland. Our Senior WP Development Officer, Jane O’Rorke, is here to provide 1:1 customised support before, during and after your time with us. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

Support we offer

  • A named contact
  • Outreach sessions or activities
  • Pre-application help
  • Guidance for offer holders
  • A web page for care leavers
  • Careers advice and support after graduation

Accommodation we offer

  • A place to live all year round
  • If not, help finding somewhere to live for the whole year

Funding support we offer

  • Specific funding that's just for care leavers
  • Additional funding available (such as bursaries and grants)
  • Support for students seeking asylum
  • Support for those with discretionary leave to remain
  • Financial advice

We have a team of specialist advisers available to help you with any more complex student funding eligibility enquiries, such as repeating years, getting back on track if things go wrong, and accessing discretionary, childcare and trust funds.

Our team of specialist advisers can also work with you to support your money management skills and financial capability. By avoiding money mishaps or stresses during your studies, you are more likely to focus on your studies and pass your course. These skills are also useful for life after graduation.

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