Edinburgh College

Catherine McCormack

Student Experience Team Leader/Care Experienced Lead
0131 297 9024

The information on this page was last updated on 14 April 2021.

The details of support available can change, so before you apply it's best to speak to the named contact to check exactly what they offer.

Here at Edinburgh College we have seen an increase in the number of Care Experienced (CE) students undertaking courses (643 in 2017/18 compared to 1,115 in 2019/20) and a significant decrease in the percentage of those students withdrawing early (28.1% in 2017/18 compared to 23% in 2019/20).

From application through to completion, our CE students are supported by a team of devoted staff. The college has introduced support at every stage of a students’ journey, which includes:
Encouraging you to disclose you are CE at application, emphasising that doing so means support can be provided at the initial point of contact.
You will be sent a welcome email from the CE team leader Catherine upon being offered a place on a course, including information on her role, the support available, an offer of a 1:1 and details on how to contact Catherine.
All our CE students are designated a campus contact who will support you with funding applications and work to ensure your award is received within 14 working days once all your evidence has been submitted.
Once enrolled, you will be invited to join a dedicated Facebook Page for CE students, managed by the Students’ Association.
One-to-One support is provided by Catherine and campus contacts throughout your college journey.

Support we offer

  • A named contact
  • Outreach sessions or activities
  • Pre-application help
  • Guidance for offer holders
  • A web page for care leavers
  • Careers advice and support after graduation

Accommodation we offer

  • A place to live all year round
  • If not, help finding somewhere to live for the whole year

Funding support we offer

  • Specific funding that's just for care leavers
  • Additional funding available (such as bursaries and grants)
  • Support for students seeking asylum
  • Support for those with discretionary leave to remain
  • Financial advice

Funding support we can offer includes:

Fast tracking of student support fund applications.
Discretionary (hardship) funds on an ongoing basis.
Childcare funding.
Support for students seeking asylum.
Support for those with discretionary leave to remain.
Financial advice.

When you are thinking about coming to college, one of the most important issues to consider is funding and how you intend to pay for some of the costs that come with being a student.Our guidance team is happy to discuss your individual circumstances, and help you with a financial health check and budgeting advice. We will also assist you to make any applications to the college’s student support funds.Named campus contacts are:Catherine McCormack, Milton Road and Midlothian. Tel: 0131 297 9024.Craig Gammack, Granton. Tel: 0131 297 8626.Carol Howie, Sighthill. Tel: 0131 297 8022.